Labuan Cermin Lake: An Introduction

Hello all , How are you today ? I hope you are fine yes , a lot of sustenance and healthy always , amen .

This time we will see our faces through a magic cermin . That's right we will reflect in Labuan Cermin .

Have you ever heard the name of Labuan Cermin . Nowhere does it ?
Good with it. Labuan Cermin is a beautiful place and is one tourist destination whose popularity is increasing lately . This is because of the media exposure about it .

Labuan Cermin Lake Balikpapan, Berau
Labuan Cermin Lake

What was unique in Labuan Cermin ?
The first is the danau where the water is clear as glass . So crystal clear danau bottom can be seen clearly. Various living creatures and organisms visible even from the boat.

with clarity it can be used for reflection. And the local community is often used to reflect addition to bathing , swimming , and fishing .
Bottom of the danau is a lot of fish that live in groups . They look funny colored danau . Dancing as if welcoming the tourists . Extraordinary ...

Now we will review the main uniqueness of this Cermin danau Labuan .
The uniqueness of this danau is the main water has two flavors . Fresh flavor to the water that is in the very top and the saltiness at the very bottom .

The existence of two think this is a very unique phenomenon . Rarely found no water like this . Usually salt and fresh or brackish least . This fire is different freshwater and saltwater in one place . And oddly enough water again between the two is like no bulkhead that limit .

All around the danau is a dense tropical rain forest . Here are many monkeys seemed cheerful .

Where Labuan Cermin

Labuan cermin sering disebut dengan kata kunci Labuan Cermin Balikpapan atau Labuan Cermin Kab. Berau atau Labuan Cermin Derawan. Semua kata kunci tersebut memang berhubungan dengan Labuan Cermin dengan danau Dua rasanya.

Labuan cermin berada di Kalimantan Timur yang beribukota Balikpapan. Untuk ke Labuan Cermin orang juga sering menyatukan perjalanan mereka ke kepulauan Derawan yang sudah terkenal ke dunia international.

Labuan Cermin Located in the village of Labuan Mosquito nets , District Bear - Bear, Berau. Berau we have to get to the location of this danau during the 5 hour trip. The road leading to it is not good and should be cautious .

Having arrived at this lake do not just stare , just splash your body into the danau . Swim was as you like . Do not feel you have to spend time to swim .

Yet despite that along the way you will be pampered with different scenery is very beautiful. You will pass through an oil palm plantation and a long and clean beach dotted with palm trees towering . The scenery here is so beautiful . You will not feel bored pass this way . Even tiredness will vanish changed with the beauty of the moment trip .

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